ACT® (American College Testing)  


Number properties

Factors and Multiples

Counting and probability

Expressions adn equations

Central measurements:

Mean, Median, Mode

Ratio, Rates and Proportions

Units Conversion

Tables and Graphs Modeling

Elementary &

Intermediate Algebra

Linear Expressions 

Linear Equations

Properties of Exponents and Square roots

Quadratic Equations

System of equations and Inequalities


Advance Algebra

Coordinate & Plane Geometry

Distance between points


Building the equation of the line 

Finding the slope and intercepts

Graphing and understanding functions

Graphing and understanding parabolas and circles


Lines and Angles

Polygon and triangles

Trigonometry & advance topics

Trigonometry ratios

Radians and Quadrants

Trigonometric Identities 

Graphing Trigonometric Functions

Complex numbers

Upcoming test dates


April 4, 2020 

June 13, 2020

July 18, 2020 

The ACT has 1 Math Section

Scores range from 1-36


60 minutes

60 questions

The math section focuses on:

Elementary & Intermediate Algebra
Coordinate &Plane Geometry

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